Welcome to Cortijo Verde 

      Our home on the hill

Cortijo Verde is our home on the hill - a safe place for a small interspecies family who have come together in the spirit of kindness and companionship. It is a place where the somatic arts, creativity and collaboration are supported by the land and the heart that penetrates it - a regenerative feast for us all to enjoy.

It is the realization of a childhood dream - a dream almost forgotten amidst the business of life in a large city and yet in its essence unchanged. I could never have imagined that its time and place in the world would have arrived when it did. So many different threads of my being woven into existence, almost without noticing. And yet now, it appears clear, bright even - as did the paintings of the 8 year old boy depicting the house with a pond and its very own woods that hung on the classroom wall of my village school in rural Wales. It was always a lucid dream.

Life and fortune have conspired to give this human being an opportunity to serve and to share his belief in kindness amongst the most bio-diverse community imaginable and our inter-dependency is celebrated. 
Andalucia has welcomed us as if we were its own and for that we are grateful beyond words.

Now, if we may share with you a little of the silence, the song of each season and the vastness of the dark, heavenly skies above where the stars spiral into the unknown, it would be a blessing. 

Signature - Pablo

Our Mission

Cortijo Verde is an interspecies family and retreat centre in Andalusia dedicated to permaculture, the somatic arts and healing. More than ever before human and non-human species need safe places in order explore and fulfill their potential for relationship on this Earth – relationship with self, with others and with nature. Cortijo Verde is one such place. Our intention is to cultivate kindness and compassion in practical, collaborative and creative ways whilst nurturing a profound belief in the practice of ahimsa or non-violence. This above all is a heart-space from which community may grow 'out of the centre'. All monies generated from our endeavours serve to sustain and care for our animal family. Thereafter, we seek to protect and nurture the wider community of human and non-human species in our immediate surroundings through environmental education and the community arts.

Cortijo Verde is an alcohol, drug and meat free environment.
Ahimsa - the practice and development of universal love and compassion through non-violence or non-harming.

Coming Retreats

At Cortijo Verde we create and host a variety of retreat and workshop opportunities centred around the somatic arts, well-being and the natural world. Our retreats are suitable for and inclusive of everyone. We welcome you with an open heart to our home on the hill.

Our Daily Feed

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